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Darwin Raises $15M Series A to Create Opportunity in Every Home

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Darwin Raises $15M Series A to Create Opportunity in Every Home

We’re pleased to announce that we raised $15M in Series A funding to make it easier for anyone, anywhere to invest in and manage single-family rental properties. Led by Canvas Ventures, the funding round included new investors Camber Creek, existing investors Khosla Ventures, Wave Capital, Pear Ventures, and Silicon Valley Bank, and angel investors Tony Xu (DoorDash), Ryan Graves (Uber), and Andrew Marks (TQ Ventures).

Single-family real estate is one of the most consistent, stable asset classes in the world, appreciating at similar rates as the S&P 500 over the past 25 years. And yet, more than 100 million people currently invest in the stock market—and only a small fraction of that invest in single-family properties.


Historically, the barriers to owning and managing a single-family property have been prohibitively high. Would-be investors needed significant capital, lots of extra time, and were confined to their local area given poor rental data availability. On top of that, managing the property was a tremendous challenge characterized by low professionalism, outdated processes, and a lack of transparency.

But residential real estate renting and investing are changing. As in so many markets, technology is breaking down age-old barriers to access—and unlocking widespread opportunities for people to create financial freedom and flexibility that didn’t exist before.

Even still, the average American isn’t aware of these opportunities—nor have they traditionally been empowered to capitalize on them.

Darwin is changing that.

We’re creating a world where everyone can have a piece of real estate in their portfolio.

To us, reaching that goal starts with single-family homes. Our aim is to help the mom and pop’s of the world that make up 95% of the market but are typically given short shrift—forced to struggle with outdated, inefficient systems, processes, and technologies.

By marrying best-in-class technology with Darwin’s local property managers, Darwin is making it easier for anyone, anywhere to participate in the rental real estate market. At the same time, we’re enabling a new type of remote investing and setting a new standard for renting. One where professionalism, expertise, and transparency are the baseline, creating exceptional owner, renter, and vendor experiences.

It’s time to bring the single-family home category up to speed—and invite everyone into the experience, using all the power our connected world has to offer. It’s time to plant the seeds of financial freedom for everyday people and democratize the market once and for all.

Darwin Homes' Vision - Creating opportunity in every home

Here’s what the Darwin vision looks like…

For Owners:

Powerful technology and product innovation are what set Darwin apart—and ahead. Our automation software solves for the hardest part of the single-family investing equation: dispersed property management.

By consolidating single-family home management onto a single, intuitive platform that spans city and state borders, Darwin closes the distance between owners and their properties—unlocking instant visibility to vital management and maintenance information, and putting competent, professional Darwin property managers on the scene, so owners don’t have to be.

With day-to-day management services accounted for, owners retain a source of passive income while providing an exceptional resident experience.

Darwin owners span relocated military personnel, ninth-generation landlords, multi-state real estate investors, first-time property owners, and whoever comes next. These people all have something in common: They don’t want to sell their properties—but they don’t want a second job, either. With Darwin, they don’t end up needing to do either one.

For Residents:

Residents want one thing: a place to call home. But for too long, they’ve been neglected—treated as an afterthought rather than a customer.

In a Darwin home, renters enjoy an enhanced, hassle-free experience. Issues are resolved quickly, maintenance and repairs are a quick affair, and move-in and move-out are made simple.

Renting a Darwin home means residents spend more time enjoying their home, and less time worrying about it. It means reimagining renting without the day-to-day details and management, replacing resident stress with peace of mind, and gaining the ability to reinvest their time into what matters most in their lives.

For Vendors:

Consider this: Owners spend 1% of their home’s value in yearly maintenance costs. Multiply that by the thousands of homes Darwin manages repairs and maintenance for across the country. This creates more job opportunities—and increased job security—across all Darwin residences.

From local repairmen and handymen to plumbers and HVAC specialists, homes require a lot of upkeep. We hire Darwin Pros and third-party vendors to manage consistent maintenance workflows with better technology, communication, and job tracking capabilities.

Residents and owners both benefit from the part vendors play in maintaining Darwin homes—and the seeds of financial freedom continue to spread.

Creating opportunity in every home starts with yours. If transforming real estate, and single-family home investing and renting is interesting to you, come talk to us.

Ryan and Zach